Say Goodbye to Scaffolding: MiTower’s Mobile Access and MEWP Solutions for Interior & Exterior Wall & Ceiling Contractors

As a commercial construction wall and ceiling contractor, we know you’re constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and safety on the job site. Providing safe and secure access for painting crews can present challenges, especially when reaching high ceilings or working on uneven surfaces. Here’s where MiTower Mobile Access Towers and Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) offer a powerful one-two punch for enhanced safety and streamlined workflows in commercial painting projects.

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The MiTower Advantage: Unmatched Stability and Flexibility

MiTower mobile access towers are more than just a one-size-fits-all solution. The beauty lies in their diverse models, each offering specific advantages for tackling various wall and ceiling painting tasks in commercial construction projects. Let’s delve deeper into the MiTower family:

MiTower: The Rock-Solid Foundation

The classic MiTower is the workhorse of the bunch. Known for its unmatched stability, it features a broad base and sturdy construction, ensuring a secure platform even on uneven surfaces like sloping floors or unfinished concrete.

Benefits for Wall and Ceiling Painting:

  • It is ideal for crews working on lower wall sections and ceilings up to a moderate height – up to 19′ 8″.
  • The stable platform minimizes wobble, allowing for precise brushwork and improved paint application.
  • The modular design allows easy configuration in straight sections that are perfect for following long walls. 


MiTower +: Reaching New Heights

The MiTower + takes things further by offering increased working heights, reaching ceilings as high as 26 feet or more. This range eliminates the need for multiple ladder setups or complex scaffolding configurations.

Benefits for Wall and Ceiling Painting:

  • It is ideal for crews tackling high wall sections and soaring ceilings in larger commercial spaces.
  • The increased height eliminates the need for constant repositioning, improving workflow efficiency.
  • The modular design allows for adjustments for height and navigate around architectural features or equipment.

MiTower Connect


MiTower Connect: Bridging the Gaps

The MiTower Connect is a game-changer for bridging obstacles or creating larger work areas. It functions as an extension set, allowing you to connect two MiTowers or MiTower + units. Conveniently, its 8-foot platform easily connects the two units, and fast assembly can be done by one person.  

Benefits for Wall and Ceiling Painting:

  • Perfect for creating platforms across open spaces, eliminating the need for multiple standalone towers.
  • It is ideal for accessing recessed areas or working around large equipment that might obstruct access from a single tower.
  • The connecting platform creates a continuous work surface, improving crew collaboration and efficiency.

MiTower Stairs

MiTower Stairs: Conquering the Climb Safely

Painting stairways can be risky, especially while juggling supplies. The MiTower Stairs eliminates this hazard by transforming your existing MiTower into a safe and stable work platform for any staircase. With a few key components, you can transform the MiTower into a safe working platform for any kind of stairway.

Benefits for Wall and Ceiling Painting:

  • It provides a safe and secure way for crews to access the platform, reducing the risk of slips and falls.
  • Eliminates the need to carry paint supplies up and down ladders, improving worker comfort and productivity.
  • It’s suitable for stairway widths of 30″ and wider, allowing for easy navigation around obstacles and tight spaces often encountered in commercial buildings.

The Right MiTower for the Right Job:

By understanding the unique capabilities of the MiTower model, you can create a customized access solution perfectly tailored to your specific commercial painting project. From reaching high ceilings to navigating obstacles and prioritizing crew safety, the MiTower family offers unmatched stability and flexibility to get the job done right.

Low Level Access MEWPs

MEWPs: Taking Efficiency to New Heights

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) add a new dimension to efficiency and access to commercial painting projects. Here, we’ll explore some popular MEWP models and how their specific features can benefit different wall and ceiling painting scenarios.

Ecolift 1100

EcoLift 1100 & 1300: Compact Maneuverability for Tight Spaces

The EcoLift™ 1100 and 1300 are push-around, hand-crank lifts that are ideal for limited space. Their compact size allows easy maneuvering through doorways and narrow corridors, often encountered in commercial buildings. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences:

  • EcoLift™ 1100: The EcoLift™ 1100 is our smallest but most powerful lift, with a working height of 11ft. It is battery and electric power-free and can be elevated by simply and easily rotating the handle, which requires only 10% operator effort and 90% mechanism input.
  • EcoLift™ 1300: The EcoLift™ 1300 offers a 13′ 6″ working height. This powerful lift is battery—and electric-power-free and can be elevated by simply and easily rotating the handle, which requires only 10% operator effort and 90% mechanism input.

Benefits for Wall and Ceiling Painting:

  • Perfect for accessing tight spaces like hallways, restrooms, or offices with intricate layouts.
  • The hand-wheel operation makes them ideal for indoor use, minimizing noise and fume emissions.
  • The platforms on Eco 1100 and 1300 allow for 360-degree work, greatly increasing the comfort of the work at height.

830P & 1030P: Hydraulic Power Meets Platform Versatility

The 830P and 1030P are low-level access lifts offering a combination of lifting height and platform versatility. Easy to push into position; ideal for finish work and sensitive floor applications. No setup time is required — once in position, simply lock the caster wheels, press a button to elevate, and get right to work. It also has an innovative flip-up and self-supporting platform combined with neatly packaged components, allowing for unmatched service access. These models offer impressive height and reach without sacrificing floor protection. Their compact size also allows them to maneuver through tight spaces and standard doorways with ease.

Here’s a closer look:

  • 830P: This heavy-duty platform offers a good balance between working height and reach, making it suitable for mid-size commercial spaces with moderately high ceilings. It has ‘Auto-Lok’ wheels on elevation. With an 8′ 2″ platform height and 14′ 2″ working height, the heavy-duty 830-P maximizes platform size while minimizing the working footprint, giving the operator more room to work in confined areas. It has a platform capacity of 440 lbs. 
  • 1030P: Similar to its smaller counterpart, the 1030P Push Around Lift is designed to help wall and ceiling contractors, electricians, HVAC technicians, and general contractors work safely and efficiently at elevated heights. This workhorse has ca platform capacity of 550 lbs.

Benefits for Wall and Ceiling Painting:

  • Spacious Work Area: The large 30″ x 60″ platform minimizes the need to reposition the lift, offering more space for you and your tools compared to ladders and scaffolding. This also translates to a more ergonomic working experience, reducing fatigue.
  • Increased Productivity: With a hefty 550-pound capacity, the platform comfortably holds your tools and materials, eliminating unnecessary trips up and down. This boost in efficiency helps you get the job done faster.
  • Safe and Stable: The 1030P prioritizes safety. The wheels automatically lock when the platform is elevated, unlike rolling scaffolding. The lightweight design minimizes floor pressure, making it suitable for sensitive floors and elevators with load restrictions.
  • Easy Maneuvering: The narrow 30-inch width allows for smooth navigation through doorways and tight spaces.
  • Additional Features: Load sensing system prevents overloading.


1030PH: The All-Around Performer

The 1030PH has the ability to quickly push and relocate lifts without the hassles of maneuvering a ladder and other cumbersome scaffolding. It has a premium platform workspace for tools and material. With locking front brakes, a 10′ platform height, and a 16′ working height, the heavy-duty 1030-PH maximizes platform size while minimizing its working footprint, giving the operator more room to work in confined areas. With the 1030PH, you can access more work areas and have space and capacity for tools and supplies. With its large platform and lightweight design, this push-around lift is ideal for wall and ceiling contractors, electricians, HVAC technicians, and general contractors. As part of the Push-Around Series, this scissor lift offers a compact footprint and easy maneuverability on jobsites with tight spaces.

Benefits for Wall and Ceiling Painting:

  • It is ideal for tight commercial spaces where crews need to access different areas for painting and where driving at height is unsafe.
  • The push-around base eliminates operator fatigue from repeatedly climbing ladder rungs and scaffolding.

Choosing the Right MEWP for Your Needs:

The ideal MEWP for your commercial painting project depends on working height, space constraints, and maneuverability requirements. By considering the specific features of each MEWP model, like the EcoLift’s compact size, or the 1030PH Push Around Lift’s versatility, you can select the most efficient and effective solution for your crew.

The Winning Combination: MiTowers and MEWPs Working Together

The magic happens when you combine MiTowers and MEWPs on a commercial painting project. Imagine this scenario:

  • A MiTower is positioned strategically to provide a stable base for painters working on higher sections of walls and ceilings.
  • Meanwhile, a MEWP is used for workers who need to reach lower areas or navigate around obstacles.

This combined approach optimizes workflow, minimizes downtime spent on reconfiguring equipment, and, most importantly, prioritizes crew safety by providing the most appropriate access solution for each task.

Invest in Safety and Efficiency

MiTower mobile access towers and MEWPs are more than just equipment – they’re investments in the safety and efficiency of your commercial painting projects. By providing secure access and streamlining workflows, these tools can help you:

  • Reduce the risk of accidents and injuries
  • Improve crew productivity
  • Complete projects faster and on budget

As a commercial specialty contractor in the wall and ceiling industry, consider incorporating MiTower mobile access towers and MEWPs into your toolbox and watch your projects reach new heights of success!

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