MiTower mobile access tower by Altrex assembly by American distributor

MiTOWER Mobile Access Tower by Altrex

MiTower Plus

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A lightweight, compact quick assembly alternative to scaffolding that can be assembled by one person in ten minutes with weight capacities up to 500 lbs and a working height up to 26 ft.

Perfect for hard to reach areas like stairways, rooftops, basements, and stages.


The worlds first quick assembly mobile access tower that can be erected by a single person.

One person, 10 minutes, no fall risk. Install a safe, sturdy scaffold in minutes with the MiTower system and its accessories.

Safe, sturdy, work at height solutions in minutes.


MiTower is the world’s first quick assembly mobile access tower that can be installed by a single person.

One person, ten minutes. Assemble a safe scaffolding instantly with the MiTower system and accessories.

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Low Level Access MiTower Mobile Access Tower and Lifts - Person falling off ladder

Eliminate 80% of workplace accidents.
*Retire your ladders. 

*EHS Today

MiTower is a safe alternative to ladders or lifts for your work at height needs. Indoors, outdoors, point load restrictions, and tight spaces⁠— whatever your application, learn more about the versatility of the MiTower.

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MiTower mobile access tower scaffolds
  • Supports one or two people
  • Single person assembly & disassembly

  • Maximum working height up to 26ft
  • 325 lb or 500 lb weight capacities

  • 360° work access

  • Frees up hands to do work at any level

  • Neatly transports with the base as a trolley
Altrex MiTower and MiTower Plus available in the USA from Low-Level Access
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MiTower stair shuttle and scaffold accessories
  • Stairs
  • Connect

  • Shuttle

  • Scaffold Disc

MiTower Stairs and other accessories products by Altrex and Low-Level Access Wisconsin
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  • To be used by one person

  • Single person assembly & disassembly

  • Maximum working height 19 ft 8 in

  • Self-weight 240 lb

  • Trolley dimensions (L x W x H): 4 ft 4 in x 2 ft 6 in x 5 ft 2 in

  • 360° work access

  • Enables use of both hands

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MiTower Stairs
  • Gated walkthrough frame

  • Adjustable leg + foot

  • Single person assembly & disassembly

  • Maximum working height 19 ft 8 in

  • Strap and Diagonal Brace

  • 360° work access

  • Enables use of both hands

  • Enables use of both hands

MiTower Stairs
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Save on time and labor

Safe, easy and quick to erect in under 10 minutes, maximizing working time

Work efficiently in small and awkward paces

Platforms equipped with a unique integral component hanger system

Working height up to 26ft

Easy to transport in the back of a van: trolley created from its own parts

Easy transportation and storage

Small footprint makes the MiTOWER ideal for use in confined spaces

Reduce workplace injuries


‘F****ng awesome System’

This comment came from one of our test and balance techs today. They asked to come out to a job and assess how to access this fan. What you cant see is the structures and obstructions all around it that limit access to the space.

Matt McKeon
Safety Director

Hill Group Mechanical

Working with the MiTower system has allowed our “ladders last” projects to be more productive while providing an incredibly safe and time efficient way for us to utilize scaffolding in lieu of a ladder in our fast-paced construction environment.

Brittany Selin CSP, ARM, CRIS
Safety Director

All-Tech Decorating Company

Our mobile access towers are made with a strong, lightweight aluminum. Learn more about our scaffolding equipment below.

Low-Level Access MiTower

1 person mobile access tower


2 person mobile access tower

MiTower Accessories

Compatible with MiTower and MiTower+